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How TekTron Works

When an organization can enjoy seamless integration into public and private cloud environments; when it can be assured of infrastructure that is scalable, secure and flexible; and when it can harness the gains of sincere customization and clarity; then there is no stopping it from unleashing the cloud superpower.

In short, when it does it via TekTron. Our consulting services help your company build its cloud, teach you how to manage and use it and are on your side, every step, to make sure that you tap all the potential of the Cloud, but with a clear eye on all constraints and what-ifs.

Our team beefs up every chance and choice you have to manage and use the cloud. TekTron Technologies persistently pursue in converting the on-paper advantages into real results like enterprise mobility, productivity.

We take pride in our avowed dexterity in customization of your cloud solutions to meet your specific business challenges. We aspire to be the catalyst for your innovation and growth.

Speed and Flexibility

TekTron brings you the speed and sure-footedness of building and revising mobile cloud applications using cloud services. Delivery to many different devices, with different operating systems, is taken care of – with confidence. Headaches pre-empted and results brought to the table, without any hiccups.

Shared Resources

Mobile apps that run on the cloud should not be encumbered with factors like a device’s storage and processing resources. Data-intensive processes should be able to run in the cloud smoothly and easily. We take that as a challenge.

Integrated Data

Our focus also hinges on true and deep integration. Unless mobile cloud-computing enables users to quickly and securely collect and integrate data from various sources, regardless of where it resides, its true potential lies untapped. We make sure you do not miss it. TekTron makes it all come alive and stay real. We do not believe in brochures, but dashboards.